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Coming from a long line of Utica firefighters and small business owners,
my husband Mark, my twin daughters, and I believe in being part of our
community’s solution. After living in several different states for my
husband’s work with the U.S. Air Force, we decided to come back home
and raise our family where our hearts have always been – the Mohawk
Valley. For the last 20 years we have resided in Rome, NY.

Like so many of us, I come from humble beginnings. My parents worked
extremely hard to provide for us while my father built his construction
company from the ground up. The lessons he instilled in us – working
hard, listening, and supporting your neighbors – are all qualities I live by. I
was fortunate to serve on the Rome School Board for several years, as
president of the Parent Teacher Student Organization and as a Pop
Warner director and coach. I believe change only happens when we roll up
our sleeves and get involved rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Meet Christine!

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It's time for someone to represent us who will truly listen - who is impartial and independent, who isn't afraid to challenge the current establishment. Someone who sides with us in the Mohawk Valley instead of taking donations from New York City political bosses and voting for tax increases throughout New York State.I believe in putting the needs of constituents first.


My mission is to represent the people of the 119th Assembly District and work towards creating policies that promote economic growth, preserve our constitutional rights and restore the American dream for all citizens in New York State.

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Somewhere along the way our state took a wrong turn and began heading down a dangerous path. Crime is out of control thanks to reckless policies like cashless bail and Raise the Age. The recent flood of illegal migrants is costing us more each day and threatening our community's safety. In fact, Albany Democrats spent more of our tax dollars on illegal migrants this year than was spent on the homeless, seniors and veterans combined!

And it's not just public safety, we're all feeling the terrible effects of liberal policies every time we fill up our gas tank or head through the supermarket checkout line. While Albany politicians send more resources downstate, we're left to fight for scraps. It's time for the people of the Mohawk Valley and the issues we face locally - homelessness, property taxes, supporting small and family-owned businesses - just to name a few.


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